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Let's face it.  Any attempt to expand in today's world requires technology, sound marketing strategies and consistent and committed execution.  The line between these disciplines is now blurred and complex and tedious solutions need to be simple and your partner needs time honored experience.

Ubiquitous Presence

With the power of the web, nationwide WiFi networks, mobile applications and network enabled devices, you can be everywhere you want to be and in front of human beings all around the world.  Your web and mobile applications need to work together and push your brand and engage your constituents.  Our ultimate goal either through step-by-step transitioning or all at once, we seek to empower our customers to take total advantage of this amazing opportunity.  Employing all available channels for our customers is what we call
"The Ubiquitous Presence."

Plan It or Do It

We can plan this for you and manage the project or
just do it all.  Let us know.


Web Presence

Let us help you find exactly what you need for your web presence.  We will guide you in branding,  design, domain selection and all underlying technology to maximize the return on your investment in a professionally designed, customized, maintained and supported web site.  We will employ Responsive design so your site will be viewable on all platforms, devices and browsers.

Mobile Invasion

Most likely, your business or organization could benefit from a Mobile app or a plethora of apps utilizing an abstract and centralized core AND it needs to work seamlessly with your web presence for maximum potential. Small or large, we call this a "Web Mobile" solution.  We can do more affordable RAD Hybrid mobile applications for the Android and iPhone devices to prove concepts or MVC/Microsoft Xamarin or Native Flutter/Dart for dual platform.  Deployment can be on the Android and iOS stores or a handful of services for internal or external purposes.



Humanspan assists middle market companies, small businesses and member organizations such as trade associations, homeowners associations (HOAs) and professional societies with simple services such as web, app or mobile development, hosting, first line of defense support - or by designing or implementing complex technology and marketing solutions.  

The assured goal: meaningful human interactions resulting in operational savings, increased market visibility, brand strengthening and/or increased revenues.


Reach out to us and tell us what you need.  Customers have direct access to our cell numbers for SMS messaging and/or direct calls via the Reach Support page.


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