Nearly a century ago, there were about 2 billion people on Starship Earth, and now we are closing in on 9 billion!  Currently, there about 3.5 billion who use the Internet, or more specifically the application layer called the World Wide Web.  The WWW has provided an unprecedented opportunity of sheer proportion to reach an audience, constituency or targeted market, and this is no exception for any connected human being now - especially for a lone entpreneurer, a small business, a non-for-profit organization or a middle market company.  The Web has definitely leveled the playing field. The birth of the WWW and the concept of "hyperlinking" was invented by one man, based on how the human mind can randomly link to any information from any information.  Ask him if reaching the entire world is feasible for a single person.  Ask Mr. Zuckerberg if reaching the connected world is possible for the vision of a single person, having 2.1 billion users.  Now that any web or any app can be everywhere on any device and media and technology convergence is here thanks to digital - and it screams over Fiber and will over the forthcoming 5GL and SpaceX constellation of satellites, and with such possibilities within reach, you yourself or your organization can make a commitment today to do all that is needed to maximize on all this modern technology and capture your share.          

A web site with complimentary mobile applications gives your face, your message, your product, your service a ubiquitious presence in the sea of humanity and can be localized.  At least 6 billion smartphones will exist by 2020 and the number of mobile devices has exceeded the number of people upon the Earth a few years ago.  Successfully harnessing this, however you determine that - more eyeballs, more money, more savings, more customers, more members, more audience - is in direct proportion to your commitment to it, a clear and precise macroscopic vision and execution.  Fortunately, there are honest, time-honored and experienced businesses who can make the complexity of this endeavor affordable, budgetable, just right on your time to be involved and who hold themselves accountable to maintaining and supporting you.  

The Managing Owners have successfully done this for 20 years by building companies that do this and for almost two decades through Humanspan for professional societies, trade associations at state, regional and national levels, home owners associations, association management companies, small businesses, lone entrepreneurs, and middle market companies.

We can manage a project for you, do it all or work with you in the capacity you need spanning the gap between your goals, needs and resources.

We have been known to fire customers who do not participate because if they do nothing, pay nothing and expect the world, this is unrealistic.  

We work with guaranteed fixed bids to develop your assets proportionate to your needs and this is generally by size of organization - even on large projects, give money back if there is downtime exceeding 99.8% annually on our hosted applications and web sites, and deliver solutions on time with the customer's expected cooperation.  If you have an approach or need that requires consulting on an hourly basis, we can accomodate.  We will eat costs if the mistake is ours, but will not work for free if you do not understand "scope" as it relates to technology development.

We support our customers 24x7x365, and respond to content development and new business within 1-3 days 90% of the time.  If needs be, our customers get our cell numbers, after all, it is a New World. 




Humanspan assists middle market companies, small businesses and member organizations such as trade associations, homeowners associations (HOAs) and professional societies with simple services such as web, app or mobile development, hosting, first line of defense support - or by designing or implementing complex technology and marketing solutions.  

The assured goal: meaningful human interactions resulting in operational savings, increased market visibility, brand strengthening and/or increased revenues.


Reach out to us and tell us what you need.  Customers have direct access to our cell numbers for SMS messaging and/or direct calls via the Reach Support page.


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